Gemscool Age of Wushu Online Indonesia

Gemscool Age of Wushu is a MMORPG game that offers the experience of martial arts martial world. Providing eight different universities, with packaging gameplay realistic life like martial arts, you can start your adventures as a kung fu warrior.

In Age of Wushu Indonesia you can challenge more than 25 NPCs and get experience if defeated. In addition, available 13 Forbidden Area that you can explore to get a prize and exp.

Gemscool Age of Wushu

There is also a Guild War feature that allows you to challenge other guilds to occupy territory belonging to the guild opponent. Every day, a guild can send a challenge to the opponent guild to guild war.

Gemscool Age of Wushu

Besides Guild War, another war that you can do is School War. This war is much greater and may involve 300 players.

In the game Age of Wushu Online, unavailable class or leveling system. Instead, you can learn 70 Internal Skill and specify the path that you want.

Gemscool Age of Wushu

This is the most unique feature in Age of Wushu Indonesia. When you're off, it does not mean your character also offline. There are 30 activities that can be a character you do when you're offline. As an example being a farmer, a tailor, blacksmith, fisherman or other activities.

Gemscool Cabal Online Indonesia

On April 28, 2015, Gemscool Cabal Online will be the one with the Gemscool services.

This change makes the gemscool user can use their ID to login to Cabal Online. In addition they also can use G-Cash service to purchase items in the game Cabal Online.

For gemscool user can immediately log in and create a character in the game Cabal Online on April 28, 2015. As for the old Cabal user can access an account first integration page at:

Gemscool also provide event named "Hurricane G-Cash" in which a prize of 1,000 G-Cash will be given to all users who perform the fastest integration (21-27 April 2015).

Gemscool Cabal

For those of you who do not have the Cabal Online game client, you can download it directly at the following link:

In addition to the new server that will be opened on April 28, 2015, the Cabal Online course will also present the latest update called Transcendence which can be seen HERE.

In addition Gemscool also provide a special event that you can be seen at the following links:

Gemscool Tales Hero Online Indonesia

Gemscool Tales Hero has officially introduced the Hero Tales Indonesia as a new game. This game is already prepared since last year, but only a brief description of who leaked Gemscool associated with this game. Hero Tales has now been launched online, after the previously also had made FGT in Jakarta and Gemscool Arena. Although later there are still many updates are done and for now only able to create a character, Gemscool did not hesitate to give a full client to be downloaded.

Hero Tales Indonesia is an exciting action adventure game, if played in a gang, because this running game with gameplay, has several modes such as 8-player Mode, Relay Match up to 15-player mode. Players will play in unique themed folders famous fairy tales, sorts Aladdin, Ali Baba, Jack and the Beanstalk Giant to Peter Pan. Naturally each folder has a degree of difficulty of each.

Gemscool Tales Hero

Before exclamation-call play with the character Jake, Ming Ming, Tiffany and Bigbo, Gemscool provide ticket prizes Asian Dream Cup which will be held at the Stadium of GBK, Jakarta, June 2, 2014 as part of the event preparing for Hero Tales. You can check the event information on the Forum or Facebook Tale Hero Indonesia.

Although still limited to character creation, Hero Tales presents many folders with different levels of difficulty. Through the map nuanced tale from different parts of the world such as Aladdin, Ali Baba, Jack and the Beanstalk Giant to Peter Pan will make the player will not get bored try adventure offered by the Tales Hero. The current map has not opened, but did not rule Gemscool folder-by-folder will open in the near future.

Gemscool Tales Hero

Accompanying the opening game, the Register has presented some cool events incorporated in the headline is "Share-Asian Dream Cup Tickets For The Hero Tales". By following this event, the player had the opportunity to meet with the Running Man, Park Ji Sung, Gattuso, Rio Ferdinand and others compete with the Indonesian National Team at the Asian Dream Cup 2014, Bung Karno on June 2, 2014.

Gemscool Black Squad Online Indonesia

Gemscool Black Squad

Gemscool Black Squad Online is an ambitious FPS game developed by NS Studio, one of the studios branch of Neowiz Games. Said to be ambitious, because this game requires a development time of more than three years with the development cost of US $ 20 million! Reportedly, many publishers are interested in bringing this game to Indonesia. But finally, Neowiz took Kreon as a partner because of the track record is considered successful Kreon makes FPS Point Blank as the number one in Indonesia.

Launching in Indonesia is also special, because Indonesia was the first country in the world to launch this game after Neowiz's opening service game in his home country, South Korea. In addition to a track record of bringing FPS Point Blank become number one in Indonesia, Kreon been also already prepared a plan of e-Sport tournament in Indonesia for the Black Squad Online, improve and enlarge the scale of Online Competition and Clan System that had not been felt in other FPS games in Indonesia.
Gemscool Black Squad

Black Squad Online is developed using Unreal Engine 3 that has a next-gen quality graphics and sound that is so real that makes gamers feel is in the midst of war is real. Weapons in the game is designed so that 100% the same as the original weapon. In addition, players can also create Custom Clan Mark and systems Online Clan Tournament in the game, a feature not previously owned by Point Blank. Game modes offered will also be familiar to fans of FPS, and there will also be a unique exclusive game mode. This, makes Black Squad Online will compete to win the hearts of fans of FPS in Indonesia.

"Indonesia is one country that has a user-friendly FPS superb not only in Asia but all over the world," wrote Kreon in a statement. "When selecting a new FPS for Indonesia, the two most important factors for us is' Are the Games could provide a good gaming experience for the user-friendly FPS Indonesia, which incidentally has a high level among users FPS other countries', and another one is' how much The game developers can provide full support for Indonesia and Indonesia how important market for them '. Black Squad Online is a game that is right with these two conditions, and we believe the Black Squad Online can be a new generation FPS million people in Indonesia, "continued the statement.
Gemscool Black Squad

Until now, the Register has not been officially confirmed when the Black Squad Online service will be opened. The presence of Black Squad Online will certainly add to the "hot" next gen FPS competition in Indonesia, given the previous Qeon also preparing Final Interactive Bullet, and also Lyto which reportedly will bring Phantomers to Indonesia. In addition to the Black Squad Online, Gemscool itself is also preparing a new online game called Echo of Soul.

Register And Login Gemscool Point Blank For free

How to login Register Point Blank, this is a tutorial how to log in to your PB gemscool really newbie and have never played a FPS game made from this gemscool, which for those of you who are already proficient please just leave this page because this may not be useful, will but for the uninitiated please continue it, because it can not deny that this game point blank gemscool now be excellent among gamers,

Actually tutorial how to log in gemscool point blank has been served on the official site pb in pb.gemscool. com but nothing wrong if I try to share with you re really still a newbie and do not know it please refer to its following steps

1. On the login screen, enter your UserID and password that you have registered in If not on the list, register ID Register your game account


2. On the server selection screen, you simply select an empty server to join it. Tap twice on the server that is highlighted or click CONNECT at the bottom.


3. If you are a new player in Point Blank, then the system will ask you to specify the nickname of your character, which appears before joining the game lobby. Please fill your character nickname, and press OK. The system will ask you again if you specify one nickname or already owned by another character.

gemscool Pb

4. When the nickname has been determined, then you've joined to Point Blank appropriate nickname you specify just now. Have a nice play

gemscool point blank

Hopefully tutorial logged gemscool point blank how this could be useful for those of you who are learning to bermian pb online. And for those of you who still do not understand can go straight to the forum gemscool. to be more clear in making the list and login