Gemscool Dragon Nest Indonesia

Gemscool Dragon Nest is an online game that early in kembangkanya by Eyedentity Games and in sebarluskan by some countries such as China Nexon Korea Shanda NHN Japan Nexon EU NA SEA eFusion TWHK Gamania Thailand Asiasoft and Cherry Credits at Idonesia is Gemscool .

Basic applications needed by gemscool dragon nest Eternity Engine is a fantasy MMORPG genre with a multi- player game modes denganinti can play more than one character that is given all of the mangement gemscool .

Gemscool Dragon Nest

For those of you who want to enjoy the excitement nest drgaon game needs to download the application and the first thing to remember is that your computer needs at least as below :
system requirements


    CPU : Pentium 4 2.4Ghz
    RAM : 512MB
    GeForce FX5600
    3GB of free space


    CPU : Dual - Core CPU
    RAM : 1GB
    GeForce 7600 or more sophisticated
    More than 4GB of free space

Factors that need to be observed by you before you download it fail if you meet the criteria if yes then immediately lah and enjoy some unique characters in sedikan as below :
gemscool dragon nest

Consists of 5 characters will be on fox by yourself at level 15 and 45

The main types of melee weapons or melee .

Its main weapon using arrows , and is the most agile job in this game ..

Its main weapon using magic wand , low physical attack power , magic attack power but high .

The main weapon of a wand , or a mace , and using a shield to protect himself .

Tinkerer or ACADEMIC
Its main weapon launcher and a bubble cannon weapon

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Enjoy treats from Gemscool Its very productively in terms of providing the best in terms of gaming . so may be useful greetings gamers