Gemscool Tales Hero Online Indonesia

Gemscool Tales Hero has officially introduced the Hero Tales Indonesia as a new game. This game is already prepared since last year, but only a brief description of who leaked Gemscool associated with this game. Hero Tales has now been launched online, after the previously also had made FGT in Jakarta and Gemscool Arena. Although later there are still many updates are done and for now only able to create a character, Gemscool did not hesitate to give a full client to be downloaded.

Hero Tales Indonesia is an exciting action adventure game, if played in a gang, because this running game with gameplay, has several modes such as 8-player Mode, Relay Match up to 15-player mode. Players will play in unique themed folders famous fairy tales, sorts Aladdin, Ali Baba, Jack and the Beanstalk Giant to Peter Pan. Naturally each folder has a degree of difficulty of each.

Gemscool Tales Hero

Before exclamation-call play with the character Jake, Ming Ming, Tiffany and Bigbo, Gemscool provide ticket prizes Asian Dream Cup which will be held at the Stadium of GBK, Jakarta, June 2, 2014 as part of the event preparing for Hero Tales. You can check the event information on the Forum or Facebook Tale Hero Indonesia.

Although still limited to character creation, Hero Tales presents many folders with different levels of difficulty. Through the map nuanced tale from different parts of the world such as Aladdin, Ali Baba, Jack and the Beanstalk Giant to Peter Pan will make the player will not get bored try adventure offered by the Tales Hero. The current map has not opened, but did not rule Gemscool folder-by-folder will open in the near future.

Gemscool Tales Hero

Accompanying the opening game, the Register has presented some cool events incorporated in the headline is "Share-Asian Dream Cup Tickets For The Hero Tales". By following this event, the player had the opportunity to meet with the Running Man, Park Ji Sung, Gattuso, Rio Ferdinand and others compete with the Indonesian National Team at the Asian Dream Cup 2014, Bung Karno on June 2, 2014.