Gemscool Lost Saga Indonesia

Gemscool Lost Saga is a game that is on the vehicle coverage that carries gemscool MMROPG the fight game has a lot of character that can be played and you adernalin spur enough .

Now there are many categories of hero that you can play countless new 100 hero that await you in the game lost saga choose and feel the power of each one of a hundred hero can deliver you a champion .

In LostSaga Hero divided into 5 types , namely , Melee , Ranged , Magic , Special, and Premium.nah from five to select the type of hero that match the criteria you want according to your character or if you want to play them at the same time you can play with do Swap combo .

Gemscool Lost Saga

To note in gemscool skill lost saga is divided into 4 for each Hero : Weapon Skill , Skill Armor , Helmet Skill and Skill Gear with gear that you use could be the difference between gear that one with the other .

Additionally Gear wrought so you can become more powerful than ever . Dozens Hero Gear and wait for you guys together . Use the best skills of each hero to victory and a good name for yourself , Guildmu , and also Factionmu

For those of you who want to immediately enjoy Lost saga gemscool services could lead to for your id and a list of those who have become members can just go to the link lostsaga http://lostsaga.gemscool . com /

Browse the truth of the saga lost the game by accessing the forum will gemscool more complete information . and do not believe it before you play them . so good luck ..