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Gemscool Atlantica has now become one of the game gemscool pretty much enjoy doing with a lot of features that make the gamer engrossed lengkapinya to be a king in the land of the atlantic so cruel
Atlantica has now equaled the record that other like- gemscool game point blank with its almost not much different . The second game was snagat different categories , one of which took the same kind of war with war feelings in the real world .

Taken from an ancient story in the Atlantic region are strong and vibrant unseen before us many centuries ago . now in the lift back in the game through enclosed by gemscool first game portal in Indonesia .

Gemscool Atlantica

Synopsis The story is very simple after menciptakanya substance called atlantis Oriharukon people became very prosperous . a lot of foreigners who want to know how where to make these substances , but all the people of atlantis cover .

But the stranger determined to have material substance so that there was coercion . of the substance was given by his own people atlantis destroy the Oriharukon substances until they run all 4 crystals .

Their codependence with crystal atlantis people finally determined 4 greatest civilizations ( the Yellow River , the Indus Valley , Mesopotamia , and Egypt ) , as well as their plans to conquer the world to find another crystal .

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