Gemscool Age of Wushu Online Indonesia

Gemscool Age of Wushu is a MMORPG game that offers the experience of martial arts martial world. Providing eight different universities, with packaging gameplay realistic life like martial arts, you can start your adventures as a kung fu warrior.

In Age of Wushu Indonesia you can challenge more than 25 NPCs and get experience if defeated. In addition, available 13 Forbidden Area that you can explore to get a prize and exp.

Gemscool Age of Wushu

There is also a Guild War feature that allows you to challenge other guilds to occupy territory belonging to the guild opponent. Every day, a guild can send a challenge to the opponent guild to guild war.

Gemscool Age of Wushu

Besides Guild War, another war that you can do is School War. This war is much greater and may involve 300 players.

In the game Age of Wushu Online, unavailable class or leveling system. Instead, you can learn 70 Internal Skill and specify the path that you want.

Gemscool Age of Wushu

This is the most unique feature in Age of Wushu Indonesia. When you're off, it does not mean your character also offline. There are 30 activities that can be a character you do when you're offline. As an example being a farmer, a tailor, blacksmith, fisherman or other activities.