Gemscool Freestyle

One Gamscool Freestyle is the latest breakthrough online games in Indonesia from PT . Kreon Games basketball background , which has never existed in Indonesia ,
Although based basketball , but the thrill of the game in FreeStyle not only be enjoyed by the fans of basketball alone . This game combines the elements of a perfect game techniques , the diversity and character styles with an atmosphere that supports the community . FreeStyle is the game that will make you feel to be on the field and play with your team , not just an ordinary virtual game

In the FreeStyle you will not compete with the computer AI is boring and predictable each movement , the FreeStyle , you will play good 1 - on - 1 , 2 -on - 2 or 3 -on - 3 with other players who certainly can not be you read his movements . The result of the match will be determined by how fast your strategies and reflexes formation of good teamwork . Coupled with the mastery of skills appropriate to the position of your choice, you will be well-known players in FreeStyle in a short time .

Gemscool Freestyle

In addition to the game , FreeStyle provide a variety of options in terms of fashion style dress alias character . You can express moodmu each day with a different style . Want to look cute ? Funny ? Cool ? Strange ? all the styles that you think you want and you can easily realize the character . Of course this makes each game has a different impression .
There are many more other features waiting to be discovered by you . Feel the freedom to express their own tastes of each individual style and form his own team all- star

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